Universal Fit

You don't need a brand new boat to get a great wave!


Made in the USA


Shape your wave with the touch of a button


More push, More fun!

Think you need a brand new boat for the best waves?

Our Universal Water Sport Trim tab system can help transform your wake boat into a surf machine!

Simple, Reliable, Effective.

Our system uses heavy duty Lenco Actuators that are controlled with the touch of a button to shape your wave.

Transfer times are a matter of seconds.

Complete support for installation.

Install time is less than two hours.

Wakeboarding, Waterskiing, Cruising and Hole-Shot


Our Watersport Trim Tabs allow you balance your boat and shape your wake for an even ride and a symmetrical launch!


If you're a water skier, you can deploy both tabs at the same time to adjust the attitude of the boat for a smaller wake.


When cruising around the lake or driving to your favorite riding spot use the tabs to balance your boat and prevent porpoising through choppy water.


Lower both tabs to create lift and get your boat up on plane quickly, even when heavily weighted.

Only the best... At a reasonable cost

We're excited to be able to offer our watersport trim tabs, to the world. We set out to design a system that not only shape a great wave, but would be easy, intuitive and reliable; all at the touch of a button.

We went through many shapes and setups, drilled a lot of holes in our boats and to arrive at the the optimal setup. Now you can benefit from our research.  We stand behind our products, we have tested them, we ride with them and we love them. We hope you will too.

What's included:

Infinity Wave System includes:

1. Two Laser Cut, Watersport Trim Tabs polished and professionally welded in the USA.

2. Lenco Electronic High Speed Actuators

3. Wiring Harness

4. Rocker Switches

5. Upper Mounting Brackets

6. Hardware (Screws, nuts and bolts)

7. Detailed Installation Instructions, with contact info and phone support.